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Animart application is a livestock marketing advisory service which will assist farmers to address their price risk management while buying and selling livestock. The altitude of middlemen has discouraged genuine investors because of the marginal profit associated with it as the middlemen cart away the bulk of the profits. The middlemen play an important role in the sale of Livestock and have inherent implications .Livestock plays a critical economic and social role in the lives of pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and smallholder farm households. Livestock fulfills an important function in coping with shocks, accumulating wealth, and serving as a store of value in the absence of formal financial institutions and other missing markets. Animart application makes buying and selling of livestock very easy and user friendly. Animart allows a robust user profile section for the users where users create their respective profile and place advertisement of buying and selling of their livestock over a few clicks. The advertisements of Animart are geo tagged which unlock many layers of weather, local events, and demographics to analyze the animal..

About Animart

Animart is a service provider to the rural community offering real-time Application Auctions. Animart allows commodity transaction, reserve price setting and legal change of ownership without the middleman, directly between the seller and buyer. Animart is a reliable price discovery system for the buyer and sellers. Animart auctioning system has been used to sell more than just livestock, showing the system's ability to adapt to different products and selling environments.

Aim (Mission)

Animart Application aims to drive animal welfare improvements across the supply chain. Animart focuses to provide livestock farmers with an excellent marketing option. The application ensures a hassle free experience for both buyers and sellers. The application strives to make Animart the most effective marketing option for livestock sales and purchases.


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